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5 Instagram For Business Tips You Can Start Implementing Today

5 Instagram For Business Tips You Can Start Implementing Today

Utilize Instagram To Your Advantage

Back in the day, you could get away with just having a brick and mortar shop. You then use conventional methods of advertising such as print and TV ads and even radio ads while you’re at it.

But, we’re now living in the digital age and if you’re still not using social media to promote your business, then you’re truly missing out on a lot of things.

Instagram, for example, enjoys more than 500 million users actively logging into their accounts on a daily basis. Imagine that: a whopping half a billion people are using the medium and you can use it to your advantage to help promote your brand.

That being said, I am going to talk about some tips today that you can start implementing immediately after you’ve read this article.


  1. Understand Your Audience

One amazing tip would be for you to post content on your Instagram page. But, you do not post just about anything; it should be something that provides value to your audience. And, for you to do that, you have to know what they like in the first place, which is vital for Instagram social media marketing.

If you are running an apparel business that sells clothes predominantly for younger audiences, you have to know exactly which style is currently trending and which ones are old in this day and age.

One way for you to do that is by using an under-utilized tool known as the “social listening tools”. This essentially provides you with some data that gives you a glimpse of what people are talking about when it comes to your industry.

This can help you gain insights as to what keywords are trending and what things people are talking about your niche. After gaining that much-needed information, you can then begin to create posts that are centered around the data that you’ve gathered.


  1. Make Sure You Create a Business Account

When you first sign up for an account on the social media medium, you will essentially create a “Personal” account. You can certainly use such an account to start posting product photos, but you’re not going to get the best results when using a personal account.

The reason that is so is due to the fact that a personal account doesn’t have a broader reach. When a person uses a keyword or targeted hashtag, your posts will not be the first ones that they will see.

Therefore, you have to make it a point to convert your account to a business profile which can easily be done in the settings menu.


  1. Improve Your Bio Page

Your business profile should be complete with all the information that your audience needs to know more about what you offer.

Include the complete business name, the address, the website, contact information (which includes both the phone number and the email address), and also include photos and even geolocation to help people know where your business is located.


  1. Don’t Focus on the Sales Pitch

A lot of beginner entrepreneurs fall prey to being too “sales-y” in that they make a concerted effort to creating posts that look over the top and not centered around their audience.

Instead, what you do is to create posts that provide value to your audience. Perhaps, you can post a photo of your product or even make a creative video that highlights how your products are used and how it can benefit the public.

  1. Do Contest and Promos from Time to Time

Just like in the real brick and mortar shops, you have to do some contests and promos from time to time. This helps increase user engagement and your sales are going to rack up the moment you introduce such activities. Social network marketing at its finest.