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6 Exciting Website Design Trends You Should Use for Your Website

6 Exciting Website Design Trends You Should Use for Your Website

1. Large, experimental navigation

Website navigation is one of the most challenging aspects of web design. Ideally, a website must showcase a large navigation area, so it would be a lot easier to use. This 2019 and beyond, expect to see lots of experimentation on these part.

2. Whitespace

Whitespace is an effective design tool that designers use to implement some breathing space in web pages. Adding additional spaces can give readers’ eyes a rest. If you want to showcase specific important content, incorporating this can help capture the attention of more users.

3. Typography

As websites of today become even more sophisticated, more and more typography experimentations are expected to arise. Do you want your website to be more unique and appealing? Ask your website development company to help you improve typography.

4. Asymmetrical layouts and Broken grids

If you want your web pages to make a unique impression to new visitors, stay away from the conventional. Moving away from traditional designs can give your website a fresh, remarkable look and feel. Broken grids and asymmetrical layouts would definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

5. Retro Design Aesthetics

Experimentation involving retro and nostalgic styles can create a good juxtaposition between designs of today and yesterday. It’s amazing how much emotion a retro design can give an individual. So this year, expect to see more retro design styles reflecting different time periods, making it feel fresh and new for many people.

6. Monochromatic and absence of color

Are you planning to add lots of colors to your website? Incorporating lots of colors may be awesome, but it can actually overwhelm visitors. Why not limit your color scheme? At this time, more and more designers limiting themselves to a single color in order to solidify branding.