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7 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

7 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

When a company creates a website, one of the main purposes of that would be to convert visitors into leads. The process is known as conversion. At first, when people come to your site, they are still those people who are still clueless as to what you have to offer.

However, with good and proper use of web design elements, they can instantly feel at home and they might convert to become your customer if you do things right.

With that being said, here are some web design tips that will help drive sales based on the business website design:


  1. Color Can Create a Huge Impact

We are visual creatures. Whenever we see something that stands out, we make sure to focus all of our attention to that.

If you’re running a business website, you already know that a call-to-action button is in order, right? You want people to convert to your customers so that you can rack up those sales.

To do that, a simple color change would do. For instance, if your CTA button is originally colored Green, then changing that to another color, say, Red, will probably do the trick.

See if the color change does increase the conversion rates (you can easily see that when you look at your site statistics). As a general guideline, you should use colors that cater to the audience you want to convert.

For men, use blue, black, or green for maximum effect. For women, you may want to use blue, green or purple.

  1. Use Videos

Adding to my first point, implementing some videos on your website will help entice your site visitors to convert. Just make sure that the video talks about the particular product/s you’re trying to sell.

  1. Add Symbols of Trust

A good and trustworthy website always has a badge on them. For instance, if a website contains the Yelp and Paypal logos, it just means that your website can be trusted.

People who convert will pay their hard-earned money, so adding value and trust to your website will give them the confidence that their decision to become your customer is a good one.

  1. Use Only Short Forms

When you give the option for people to Sign Up, make sure that you use only short forms. What I mean is that your forms have to be relatively short and you only have to ask the most pertinent information like the Last Name, First Name, Billing, and Address. Do not ask about address 2 and 3, what their mother’s maiden name is, and so on as people find it so annoying if the forms require them to input as many information as possible.

  1. Provide Free Offers

If you sell something, make it a point to include some freebies as well. For example, if you sell gym bags, add a free water bottle as a bonus. Giving them free offers will most likely entice them to buy from you in the near future.

  1. Give Easy Assistance

One common theme about retail or company websites is that people will sometimes have questions that are not easily found on your site. Do not give your visitors a hard time finding the “contact me” button. Instead, give them easy assistance.

For instance, you could use an anchor menu which provides them with the ability to use the support chat functionality for convenience and so that they can contact you via the medium more readily and easily.

  1. Make Use of Negative Space

Your company website might have plenty of things to offer, but it is also important for you to make use of white or negative space. This is the space that is devoid of any graphical or design elements. This is necessary so that your customers will have room to breathe for consuming more content a few seconds later.