Spam Filtering

Choose the best web hosting services in Malaysia that can help protect you against spam mail. In case you are suddenly deluged by spam mail, your web host can help you through spam filtering. All of the mails would all go through the spam filters first. One of the platforms offering different kinds of spam protection is BlueHost. 

Internal Security

This is not part of every web hosting package you will see, but several hosting providers are now making sure that their clients are protected against attacks. This only means that they will be updated with all the latest security tools and patches on a regular basis.

Restoring Backups

For some websites, backups depend highly on their web hosting providers. While several web hosts are now offering free backups, there are plenty of variations on this aspect.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is another aspects you must focus on. Since websites are typically hosted in servers at huge data centers, most controls are automated. This is the reason why it’s important to check if your website host is tracking the network traffic to all its servers.

DDoS Prevention and Firewalls

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are horrible. Hackers would bring down your web pages by flooding them with a lot of incoming traffic. As a result, the website servers get overwhelmed, and fail along the process. Moreover, firewalls are essential because they function as your website’s first line of defense against attacks.

Malware and Antivirus Scanning

Make sure that you are running a reliable antivirus software on your computer. On website servers, you are depending on your provider to run, install and track them for you. It’s important to know that your hosts are doing this. Check what details they can tell you, in case of potential problems.