Do you often find that you often work all day and you don’t get a single thing done? Maybe you’re not very good at time management and it’s not good for your mental health, not really. It is impossible to make 100% complete use of our time, but as long as most of the time we manage it effectively, we believe we will continue to improve and progress and will definitely do better. 

Ultimately, all management is time management. Peter Drucker said that time is the most precious and limited resource and that if you cannot manage it, you cannot manage anything. Knowledge management is about choosing which knowledge to allocate time to, health management is about which exercises to allocate time to, and business management is about which projects to allocate time to.

Anyone is born with time management. Don’t people know how to prioritise before they learn anything about time management? Most people have ideas about time management, but it is just difficult to implement them for two reasons. One is that most people work in a collaborative system. Can they prioritise themselves so that they don’t do things that their boss suddenly arranges? Can the boss ignore a competitor’s new product or a customer’s new request if he thinks clearly about priorities? Secondly, most people know very well what is right and what is wrong, they just don’t want to do it. One is the lack of initiative, the second is not enough motivation, these two cases to learn more to distinguish priorities, rational scheduling methods are not meaningful. The well-known tomato work method is a typical counter-example. Those who can achieve the tomato work method do not need to use the tomato clock, and those who can’t learn it are useless.

Is common time management effective? Common time management talks about three main points: firstly, effectiveness enhancement, the right direction; secondly, efficiency enhancement, a good method; thirdly, motivation enhancement, driving execution. Logically the direction is right, the method is good, diligent efforts, there is no problem, back to the actual life, often neither effective, but also very difficult to adhere to. The fundamental reason is that management is a means not an end, and if the means cannot be interlinked with the end, the means are meaningless even if they are good. 

When you have plenty of energy, you should do the things you think are most important and challenging first. This is because these things give us a great sense of satisfaction and value when they are completed. And by doing the most important things first, you can avoid this state of affairs: getting a lot done in bits and pieces every day, but still feeling anxious and unsure of what you’ve been up to.  Once you finished the major things, you may have some free time on gaming or gambling online to release your working pressure daily, go and check for pussy888 apk download


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