Loving yourself can be an extremely hard thing to do. Because most of the time we fail to find beauty and appreciation towards ourselves. Constantly beating ourselves to the ground for not being good enough, for lacking in areas at times we do not have the power to change. We put our family, our friends, our lover, our work above us and that left us with a feeling of emptiness. Amongst the bustling world and our busy schedule, we should take a deep breath, look around and be appreciative. Be appreciative of God for giving us another day to live, another day to be with our loved ones. Appreciate him for blessing you with the food on the table, nice clothes to wear and a roof above your heads. You are his creation, and there is no creation of him that comes with a flaw. You need to remember that you are enough, God made you enough and no amount of human hate and self-antagonizing should make you forget about that.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

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