You don’t honestly know someone until you know what makes them happy. The things we found pleasure on, define our character and so it is with God. We can only truly understand the depth of his glory until we know what makes him proud. Thus, as his children, we must know what is, the pleasure of God.

According to Piper, God’s greatest pleasure is in himself and it must be in Himself or He is not perfect. What Church and the world need now, above all else, is to know and love Christ: the Bible’s Wonderful, Glorious, Divine, Happy God. Very few people in the Trinity communion and in the work of life and regeneration think of God as supremely content. God’s volcanic exuberance over his Son’s worth, and the work of his hands and his people’s welfare is not well established.

Very few people in the Trinity fellowship and in the work of creation and redemption think of God as supremely happy. God’s volcanic exuberance over His Son’s worth and the work of His people’s hands and welfare is not well known. The Lord’s delight in being God is not portrayed with the crucifixion it should receive around the world and for that, it makes us poorer and weaker. More and more people should meditate on the pleasures of God and focus more on his grace and glory. 

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