The church houses a lot of small groups that members and non-members can join. Most of the small groups have meetings once or twice a month and some every Friday night. An example of these groups are:-

    • The AA group 
      • This group consists of not more than 10-15 members. The group is formed to help ex-drug addictions to share and express their thoughts and feelings in a safe non-threatening environment. The meeting is usually held every Friday night in the church’s basement.
    • Bible study
      • Bible study helps the members of the group to gain a more in-depth understanding of the bible and Christianity. The meeting is held 1/2 a month at one of the member’s residence.
    • Church Choir
      • Have a fun good time singing praises to the Lord accompanied by our vibrant and talented choir members. The practice is held every Saturday night before Sunday services.
    • Knitting group 
      • Harness your skills in knitting with the elderly members of the church. Products produced will be sold or donated to those who are in need. The gathering is held every Saturday evening.


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