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The Most Common Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

The Most Common Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Long download times

Internet users nowadays are hungry for information, and always in a hurry. Surely, they wouldn’t want to scan slow-loading websites. Long download times is something you must focus on when developing your website. Remove all of the distracting, unnecessary elements.

Flash overuse

Not everyone loves Flash, and not everyone can use it. It requires a plugin which is not available in all browsers. Check if this is really the right thing to integrate in your website design. You can also look into alternatives.

Putting too much adverts

Video-based ads can capture the attention of audiences, but it can also be annoying. If you want your audience to focus on your page’s content, don’t let their attention be diverted somewhere else.


The look and feel of all your pages must be the same. If it appears different, users may somewhat feel disoriented, forcing them to disengage. Avoid any inconsistency, and maintain a professional image.

Spelling mistakes

Grammar and spelling mistakes can convey the lack of professionalism on your end. These little details are important to address, if you want people to stay longer on your pages.


Gaudy, clashing colors

Engaging content must be the highlight of your website. Again, don’t let your users get distracted by unnecessary elements like colors or other decorative features. Clean up your website from header to footer.

Lack of information

Know what your target readers and customers want. If they fail to see what they are looking for in around three seconds, they would surely live your website and go to a competitor’s page.