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The Top 5 Stem Cell Truths and Myths

The Top 5 Stem Cell Truths and Myths

Stem cells are still undergoing some more research so that we can fully understand its extent and its potentialities.

That being said, a lot of myths have sprung up due to this lack of knowledge and research. In this article, I hope to educate people about some true information regarding the said cells.

Myth # 1: Stem Cell Use is Illegal

That is actually true, to some extent. If we are talking about the use of embryonic stem cells, then yes, its use is illegal. However, if we’re talking about treatments, then no, the use of stem cells is actually legal and it has helped plenty of people.

Bone marrow transplants are just some of the most common stem cell treatments available and it uses your own adult stem cells, which means that it is never illegal because it doesn’t come from an embryo.

Myth # 2: Bone Marrow is the ‘Only’ Source of Stem Cells

Nope, this is far from the truth. Stem cells are abundant in our bodies and it is found in the different organs as well.

Bone marrow is just one site of origin and it mainly houses the Mesenchymal and hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells. However, there are also stem cells that can be found in the brain, liver, gut, heart, and even in your fat tissues (albeit, some of them only have a few).

Myth # 3: Stem Cell Therapy is Generally Unsafe

Although we still haven’t tapped the full potential of what stem cells can do, the way we use stem cells right now for therapeutic and treatment means are proven safe and effective.

In fact, a lot of people have already received so many bone marrow transplants, for example, and have generally reported great results. Some even went on to say that they’ve never felt better which is just a testament that stem cell therapy, at least in its current applications, does work.

Myth # 4: Stem Cells Are the ‘Miracle Cure’ That We Need

Although stem cells can purportedly regenerate muscle tissue and ligaments in the body, this is not to say that we know that as a fact.

To this day, stem cells are still being researched by countless scientists and even though they replenish or restore the cells in the body, that is just what is postulated or theorized and it is, at least for now, not deemed as facts.

We would have to see if the claims are true by testing the stem cells’ use thoroughly.

Myth # 5: The Use of Stem Cells is ‘Controversial’

There is some truth to this. There are two main types of stem cells: The Adult and the Embryonic. The latter is what garners the most controversy because it was found out that the stem cells are harvested from embryos which, after the procedure was done, kills the resulting embryo.

However, when we are talking about stem cells for therapeutic means, then it is not controversial at all. This is because of the fact that the stem cells that doctors use for treatments usually come from the patient’s body itself and not from an embryo.