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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Website Hosting

They say that we all learn from our mistakes. But, isn’t it so much better if we learn from the mistakes of others than to experience it firsthand and then repent afterward?

I think that that is a pretty good solution. A lot of people think that getting a top hosting company is hard, but it is actually easy, provided that you know how to look for it.

Today, I am going to talk about the top mistakes to avoid when you are getting a hosting service for your business website.

1.Never Get a Free Hosting Service

If you just have a regular website that you use as part of a hobby, then getting a free solution is okay. However, that is not the case if you are trying to run a business website.

You see, free hosting solutions are slow, they only provide limited capabilities, and the resources are shared by millions of websites all over the internet. You do not want your prospects to visit a website that takes forever to load, right?

Furthermore, getting a free hosting service means that you’re running the risk of the company putting some ads on your website that are highly irrelevant to the content that you put out.

For instance, if your website is for a dental clinic and the ads that are shown on your page are ones that advertise penis enlargement pills, then that can really ruin your reputation. As much as possible, get one that is a reliable service.

2.Not Knowing Which Server Type to Get

Although there are plenty of different server types out there, I am only going to talk about shared and dedicated servers.

The clues are pretty much in their name. Shared hosting providers will allow you to host your website on a shared server along with hundreds if not, thousands of other websites. This is a good option to take only for those websites that are not for professional use-cases (or startups).

Dedicated servers will give you a dedicated server on your own, but this is not ideal for small businesses because of its price.

3.Getting a Provider with Bad Customer Support

Hosting a website can get pretty technical, especially if you do not know what you’re doing. Getting an inexpensive provider with the notion that you just want something cheap is not a good idea, especially if they do not provide wholesome customer service. Choose one with great support staff.

4.Disregarding the Terms and Conditions

There are some hosting companies that put shady deals in their contracts because they are taking advantage of the fact that almost 90% of people do not read the terms and conditions.

Look at the fine print very carefully and see if all of the terms stipulated in it are things that you can actually live by.

5.Not Being Clear on Your Bandwidth Requirements

First-time website owners do not know exactly how much bandwidth they would need. You have to get a pretty good bandwidth allowance on the first try so that you can service your potential customers from the get-go.

Also, it would be great if you could go with a provider that allows you to upgrade at any time to accommodate new prospective clients.

6.Not Reading Online Reviews

There are a couple of different providers out there and you will not be taking advantage of the internet if you do not use the medium to get some solid reviews. Be a good buyer and find out more information about your prospective providers before signing up.

7.Not Understanding the Purpose of SEO

If your website performs poorly, then it will have a low SEO score and it will be hard for your website to compete with others in the arena. Always understand the importance of SEO as it will help influence your buying decisions.