People who go to Malaysia will definitely have to make a stop in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s capital city has plenty to offer and because of the vastness and plethora of things that you can do, just having a couple of days in the city will not be enough for you to explore and enjoy everything that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

That being said, if you only have a couple of days, then you’ll want to read this article to find out the top places that you should visit in KL if you only have a limited time in the city.

Just a head’s up, you can expect architectural marvels, good eats, and fun times with escort girl services, among many others.

Petronas Towers

If you were to ask anyone what they know about Malaysia, they will definitely say “The Petronas”. You could say that this is Malaysia’s iconic landmark since the structures have been deemed as the tallest twin towers in the world.

Despite its towering nature, the Petronas Towers provide you with one of the best overlooking views of the city. There is also a skybridge that connects the two in the middle of the 88-story building that you can visit for free as well.

If you are afraid of heights, you can still enjoy the infrastructure from below.

Batu Caves

The place is dedicated to the Hindu god, Lord Murugan. But, even if you practice a religion other than Buddhism, you can still go to this place. In fact, I encourage you to do so!

There are plenty of different caves that you can find once you’re inside and there is a huge golden statue of Buddha that you can see prominently when you go to the place.

But, the Batu Caves is actually known for its 272-steps, rainbow-colored stairs. Whether you are a traveler that wants to climb the stairs or if you just want to take some quick snaps for your Instagram, you can definitely do so.

Jalan Alor

This is one of the main food hotspots in Kuala Lumpur and there is definitely no shortage of food in the area. In fact, every 5 steps you take, you will be greeted by a food stall that is filled with chefs that are awaiting your orders.

If you want to get fed and you want to experience what it’s like eating al fresco, then make sure to put Jalan Alor in your itinerary. Also, I urge you to come at night.

Petaling Street

A shopping haven for people who are on a budget, Petaling Street in Chinatown is filled with a lot of different stores and shops where you can find just about anything; from bags, shoes, clothing, sunglasses, and even lights, to name a few.

This is actually a pretty good place to hone your haggling skills. That is because the quoted price has been marked up considerably, but the good thing is that you can persuade the seller to give it to you for a much cheaper price.

Do keep in mind that the place is riddled with pickpockets, so you may want to keep an eye on your belongings at all times.