We have often heard a variation of people saying that parents should not encourage their children to use technology as it can cause addiction and cause health issues like bad eyesights. However, it’s just in the nature of parents to be worried about their children. Once you become a parent, you never stop feeling afraid. You will find yourself doting on your children and worrying over simple stuff. That’s just normal, and the same goes with the usage of technology. Despite knowing that technology has become a part of your children, you can’t help but worry about it whenever your child uses their gadgets. It’s true that there are effects of technology on the youth such as making them an introvert and it is hard for them to socialise due to them spending most of their time with the gadgets in their bedroom. Overuse of technology can also cause bad eyesights and habits of bad postures used by your child. However, let’s be realistic here. Everything else in the world also has its pros and cons. The same goes to the use of technology where you as a parent should do your best to avoid the negative effects from your children. You can’t deny that technology is necessary for your child and here are the reasons why you should be supportive of your children using more technology.

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Could Help Them Decide Their Careers

For the children who are passionate about technology and love to spend their time working on them, they might be suited to jobs like technological engineer or software developers. Technological engineering is a job with high demands in the market as there are lots of branches in the industry. The possibilities are endless for your child to unleash their creativity and polish their talents. If you are wondering about the career of software developers, find out more on mlm software malaysia. Hence, encourage your child if they have a keen interest in coding and softwares because it could help them decide their careers in the future.

A Good Skills To Learn

Mastering the use of softwares can be a good skill for your children to learn as it is very much in demand by employers these days. Due to the wide use of technology in this 21st century, it is only logical that employers would want a group of employees with these skills in order for their company’s growth in the competitive industry. Thus, it is good that your children have been familiar with the softwares at home. They can go far in their career without the pressure of learning all about technology crushing them apart.

Key To Communication

It is true that the use of technology can cause your children to have a lack of friends and they might hate socialising with people. However, there is also the possibility that using technology can also help your children communicate with friends their age online. You should encourage your children to use technology more if it helps them build communication skills and make more friends. 


All in all, you as a parent should decide what you think is the best for your children. Thus, have a good thinking about the benefits of technology and don’t limit your children’s potential by being too strict when they use their gadgets. Look at the bright side of things, too.