These problems are a clear example of how technology influences companies, and they show the relevance of the Internet for the daily work, so it is important to always protect yourself from a reliable and quality network, which reduces to the minimum possible failures.

Time fibre internet

The Right Intensity

The intense interaction with the network due to confinement has been changing in the same way its nature and quality of navigation. Until recently, we do more and more things unthinkable in this virtual space, where despite the overload of content and offers, it allows companies to open great positioning, purchase and sales opportunities through this channel. The Time fibre internet service happens to be the best there.

  • In today’s globalized world, connectivity is vital to being successful in business. This connectivity can occur in two ways, physical and digital. That is, you can enjoy accessibility to the rest of the world through efficient means of transport or, on the other hand, you can take advantage of current technological advances to communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues in different places.
  • Business connectivity can bring benefits in a number of areas. The largest corporations offer the possibility of carrying out international mobility or even working remotely, while some modern companies have found in collaboration an opportunity to expand their services offered . All of this is possible thanks to connectivity.

To guarantee excellent connectivity, the ideal is to have factors that facilitate the global connection in both areas, both physical and digital.

Importance of good connectivity in companies

Do you know if your business is well connected? You may not be performing optimally or generating the income you expected, and perhaps this is due to a lack of communication links with the rest of the world. We share the main advantages that you will receive by dedicating a little time and resources to the connectivity of your business.

Advantages of good connectivity in companies

  • Clients in various parts of the world
  • Greater visibility in the marker
  • Ease of mobility
  • Collaboration with international companies

How to have optimal physical connectivity

Physical connectivity consists of locating your business in a place with a privileged location . This can be a large city with global influence or any place that, due to its geography, allows access to important points in different parts of the world.